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    Laurie Sénacq, portrait artist

    Passionate about drawing colored pencils portraits, I realize your portraits from your photos.

    Laurie Sénacq


    I am Laurie Sénacq, a portrait artist from Alès in South of France.

    I always loved drawing, at school, drawing was my favorite subject and I had a revelation the day I learned the portrait technique. From there I started to draw portraits of my favorite celebrities with limited means : print paper and HB school pencil !

    A few years later I decided to take a few drawing courses to improve my skills. I have learned not to use my fingers to blend because it leaves oil on the paper. I have been taught to use soft and hard pencils to expand the range of tone values. I have improved my skills in drawing hair and fabric folds. After that, I discovered colored pencils. First I was afraid but with practice I have learned to tame it. I have also learned to overcome my fear to have done things wrong and to show my work in front of people thanks to our teacher who organize every year an exhibition with students work.

    Later, after a long art block period I decided to take drawing courses again, to follow tutorials on the internet, to show my artworks on Instagram, to follow thousands of other passionate and to chat with some of them. Instagram has allowed me to increase my self confidence as an artist, to improve thanks to advice from wonderful designers, to have the motivation to create pieces more and more beautiful to meet followers needs. And little by little the idea of doing something more professional of my talent sprouted and here I am making a presentation of myself…