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Commission a bespoke portrait drawing

How to commission a bespoke portrait drawing ?
First you need to answer a few questions in the form below:

  • Which technique do you like the most (colored pencils, markers, markers + colored pencils)? If you prefer to let me choose, I recommend the colored pencil because it is my favorite technique which allows a much finer rendering.
  • What format do you want? It depends on where you want to hang the drawing. The larger the format, the more visible it will be from a distance.
  • How many subjects do you want on the same sheet? The more subject, the larger the format have to be.
  • Do you want me to copy a photo or do you need a special composition ?
  • Would you like to keep this drawing confidential and not allow me to post it on my social media or this site ?
  • Do you want a background?
  • Or do you want to order a portrait to offer it to the person of your choice and let them choose the previous items ?

You must also provide one or more good quality photos . You should be able to see the details by zooming in. The more detailed the photo, the finer and more beautiful the drawing will be.

Example of a photo that does not allow me to work properly:


Portrait de fillette mal éclairée


The image is pretty but does not allow me to draw the details: when I zoom in, I must be able to see the pupil. Otherwise I have to invent it and as I don’t know the person it can alter the likeness. The resolution of this photo is far too small. In addition, the lighting is not natural, it is orange and cuts the face in half.

Example of a photo that allows me to work properly:


Portrait de fillette


Here, I can see the pupils by zooming in, the resolution is perfect and the subject is well illuminated.

Once we have agreed on the kind of drawing to do and the price,  you will have to pay me either half or the full amount in advance by paypal or by bank transfer . Once received, I can add you to my waiting list. I will let you know when I start the drawing and send you pictures of the progress regularly.

If you have paid only half you will have to pay me the rest so that I can ship you the drawing.

If you want a drawing of several people and you do not have the corresponding image, you can provide several photos and I will take care of creating a special composition .

Based on these responses the price will change. Check my prices .

Commission a bespoke portrait drawing :

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